Monday, July 21, 2008

Today at the zoo

We met up with some friends, some of our RTS friends!!! We hung out with Max and Alex and their families!

When we went to the RTS Midwest Reunion we met Max and his family, remember the picture of the two boys? They are so stinking cute!

At the reunion we decided that our families would go to a Cardinals/Brewers game when the Brewers where in St. Louis. Well, they got into town yesterday afternoon and we all met at the zoo this morning. Alex just so happened to be coming to StL for a doctor appointment today so him and his family met us at the zoo too! We met Alex and his Mom and Dad at Cardinal Glennon a few months back and Jessica and I have been keeping in touch through e-mail ever since.

It is so cool for us RTS parents to get together because they are all like family, our RTS family. Kelly (Max's Mom), Jessica (Alex's Mom) and I are all bloggers, so we each read about each other's kids on a daily bases. So it was very cool to get together and talk and compare notes, etc. Here are all of us Blogging Momma's and our Boys!

Did you notice that Will is holding Alex's hand?? How cute is that!!

Here is a picture of all of the kids today. There are Alex's two brothers, Noah and Joel, Caroline and Will and then Max and his sister Ava.

Caroline and Ava had a great time today. They are both the same age (only two weeks apart in age). Lets just say that they talked non-stop while we were there! I am not sure who talks more, Caroline or Ava! It is funny how they are exactly the same in their manorisms and the things they say, they were funny!

We are going to the ball game tonight. Christina is coming along too to help me out with the kids, since Josh is out of town, STILL! I will be posting pictures from the game sometime tomorrow! Go Cardinals!


Cindy said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a blast!

Kelly said...

I am SOOOO jealous! I can't wait for AnnaKate to meet Will.
Kelly Weekes

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all got to spend time together. It looks like you all had fun. Have fun at the game tonight!!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

It was a late game, did you stay the whole time!!!!????
Adam was sad they lost.
It was great seeing you again!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted these pictures. I have been anxious to talk to Kelly about their trip and if Max was feeling well.

I love the blogs. I can't wait for new posts. This made my day seeing the three boys together.

Watched the game last night hoping they would show the crowd.

Ava and Max's grandma.

Jacqui and Lloyd said...

How cool that you three could all meet up. I am insanely jealous - I would love to meet you all face to face (its quite lonely here in South Africa with no other RTS families that we know of). But I am so happy for all of you and your super cute boys - looks like it was really FUN and it must have been so refreshing hanging out with moms who are travelling the same journey.