Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacation Pictures

After going through more vacation pictures, I found some that I thought you would enjoy.


Caroline and I went for a walk on the beach and found these big rocks along the shoreline.

There were seashells everywhere!  Caroline was in heaven.










Caroline taking a self-portrait.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Mr. Cow went on vacation!


And we went along too!


Josh and I took that kids (and Mr. Cow) to Jupiter, FL and took in a few Cardinal Spring Training games.  It was a blast!  We went to a game on Friday, to practice on Saturday and then another game on Sunday.

Caroline loved trying to get autographs.  The seats that we had were right behind the Cardinal’s bullpen, so she was able to get a lot during the games and then she got one at the practice.

DSC00497 Caroline took this photo, Josh Kinney signing for the kids behind him.  This is how close Caroline was to the players in the bullpen!

Before the game on Friday, Lou Brock came up to her and two other girls sitting in the front row and started talking to them and offered to sign their ball.  Josh was standing behind Caroline nearly peeing himself and Caroline had no clue who she was talking too!!  It was very funny.  Then we explained who that was and she was very excited.  021

This was the only picture we could get because I had my zoom lens on my camera so it was hard to get a picture because he was standing so close to us.

After the practice on Saturday one of the pitching coaches threw William a baseball.  The Cardinal’s new starting pitcher, Jaime Garcia was signing, so Josh got the ball signed for William.  Caroline also had him sign her ball.

DSC00458 DSC00457

Some of the other players that signed Caroline’s ball included Skip Schumaker, Ryan Franklin, Mitchell Boggs, Kyle McClellan, Trever Miller, Jason Motte, Dennys Reyes, Josh Kinney  and Joe Mather.  Whew, she got a lot!!


Again, Caroline took this photo, thought I would post it since there never seems to be any pictures of Josh and I together!!

On Sunday we traveled to West Palm Beach, FL (only 20 minutes from Jupiter) and stayed at a hotel that was on the beach.  Caroline LOVED the ocean, William…not so much.  They both LOVED the swimming pool.

DSC00519 Caroline on the balcony of our hotel room.

William was the little dare devil!  He finally figured out that he needs to keep his mouth closed while in the water and learned how to go under water without throwing up!  He was jumping off of the side of the pool and got mad if you tried to catch him from going under!  This summer is going to be fun!

A short video of William jumping off of the steps of the pool (it was really windy!!).

Caroline and I went to the Spa at the hotel and got pedicures, it was Caroline’s first ever pedicure.  We had fun and it was fun to get to spend one on one time with her.  She picked out our nail polish colors. 



We had so much fun and enjoyed our time together.  Now we are back home and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

From this week in 2008:


You can read the entire post HERE.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Happenings this Week

It has been a bit crazy around our house this past week.  Last weekend was the annual RTS Midwest Reunion in Wisconsin Dells.  We had a blast.  Will could not get enough of the water.  I really didn’t take that many pictures, I was too busy running around after William.


Caroline had a  great time too.  The Foley Four were at the reunion too and Ava and Caroline were joined at the hip all weekend.  They had fun going down the slides together and cruising the lazy river.  Caroline is already looking forward to seeing Ava in July.

Here is my favorite picture from the weekend…


Caden, from This is our Normal, crawled up on Josh’s lap and sat there for a little bit.  Caden went up to everyone and said “Hello, Hello”.  He is just adorable, oh and Caden’s shirt said “I am kind of a big deal”.  Let me tell you…he IS a big deal!! 

It seems that we are having some problems with random barfing this week.  Within the first hour of leaving home for the Dells, Caroline threw up.  I am guessing she had a little motion sickness.  Then the next day while at the pool she got into the hot tub and (I am guessing here) inhaled some of the chemical fumes.  She started coughing and coughing and coughing.  Coughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath….and then…she barfed.  She is doing fine and didn’t get sick on the way home.

And then, Will was walking around in the little pool, lost his balance and went under, sucked in some water and barfed.  On the way home, within the first hour of leaving the Dells, he decided to hurl in his car seat.  Then on Monday, we were taking Caroline to church and he barfed in his car seat again.  So lets just say that the car seat and van stink!

We just happened to have an appointment with GI on Tuesday.  I asked Dr. Brady about all of the vomit as of recently and she didn’t seem worried.  We are just going to increase his meds and see what happens.  He hasn’t been sick in two days, so I think we are in the clear.  Fingers crossed.

While we were at GI, I talked to her about removing the g-tube.  She wants to see him back in June, so if we haven’t used the g-tube during the next three months then she will take the tube out at the June visit!  I am excited but nervous all at the same time. 

This post seems to be all over the place, so I will end it here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


special olympics

Today is the Day!  Today is the day that we start saying something when we hear someone call a person with typical cognitive development a ‘retard’ or ‘retarded’.  It is the day that we stand up for those in our society that can not defend themselves.  William has Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, which is characterized by mental retardation.  Think about William when he hear someone use the r-word and politely tell them that it is not cool.  Take a stand.  Let William and all of his RTS brothers and sisters know that you have their backs!