Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Been awhile

Good Morning Everyone!
So sorry that I have not been keeping up with my journaling duties, I hope that you all forgive me! :-)

Will has been doing really well. He has started to "talk" alot more resently. He looked at me yesterday and said "MaMa", I was very happy about that! He also says "DaDa" when Josh enters the room or comes home from work. He has also started to hold up his arms when he wants to be picked up. He wants to be held alot so he gets tons of practice with this one! He is now banging his hands on his tray while sitting in his highchair and using his pointing finger and thumb to pick up snacks on his tray. All of these accomplishments are huge! We are very proud of William and his success.

He has also been eating a bit better. But we are still struggling with it.

His top two teeth have started to come in, so he has been really grumpy! He hasn't been sleeping very well either, so we all haven't been sleeping well.

We have a day packed full of therapy today, so we are going to be busy!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Weight

So, I have totally not been with it! Sorry, I haven't posted anything in over a week!!

Will has been doing really well. We went to see a nutritionist at Dr. Brady's office last Monday. Drum roll please.....Will weighs 16 pounds!!! We have finally gotten over the 15 pound hump! Yippie!! She gave us some tips on how to get him to eat real food. We have been trying some of them with some success. He really liked cooked carrots, not so much with the pears.
We go back to see her in a month, so we can make sure that Will is still gaining weight and hopefully eating some real food better.

That is all I got for now....Later gators!

Friday, September 7, 2007

DisneyWorld, part 2

On Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom to have breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. Upon entering the castle, Caroline got to meet Cinderella, have her picture taken with her and had her sign her autograph book. Caroline was given a magic wand and Will was given was given a sword and both were given a wishing star (a blue plastic star that said "Wishing Star" on it) We then had breakfast and the waitresses called us Lord, Lady, Princess and Prince (it was really cute). They brought Caroline out a birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Then ALL of the princesses came out and each one of them came to our table for a photo and to sign her book, even the Fairy Godmother came out. At the end of the breakfast all the Prince and Princesses were asked to stand up and hold their wishing stars and the wands/swords. The kids then said the magic words and wished on their stars, OMG it was the cutest thing ever!!
We then went a rode the rides that Caroline wanted to ride again and the ones that we missed the first day. She also got her picture taken with Belle who was wearing her yellow dress! It was one of the highlights of the day for Caroline! We then went to MGM where we saw the Ariel show, Beauty and the Beast live on Stage (where we got VIP seating!, front row!!) and Playhouse Disney live on Stage. All of the shows the kids LOVED! Caroline got to stand up and dance at the playhouse disney show and see Bear and the Big Blue house. We then watched a parade and she got to see lots of Characters and the evil queen talked to her!! Caroline was really scared but really excited at the same time! She then had her picture taken with Sulley (Monsters, INC), Pinocco and Minnie Mouse. We then went back to the hotel and went swimming because we were all really HOT!!!
On Wednesday we let Caroline go shopping for suvineers. She had fun picking out what she wanted and what to get for Will, Mikkah and James. She loves to shop, she is a total girl! Then we flew home! And that was our trip! We had a blast! Most importantly Caroline had a magical time and that was what we were going for!

DisneyWorld, part 1

We made it home from Disney and we all had a fabulous time! Caroline was so surprised and it was great!
We woke her up at 4am on Sunday morning and told her that we were going on a surprise birthday vacation. She didn’t ask too many questions, we told her that we had to ride on an airplane and that we needed too get ready to go.
We got to the hotel to check in and she still had no clue what was going on. They gave her a button that said “Happy Birthday Caroline”. We then headed to Magic Kingdom.

We took Caroline to main street and showed her the castle and she still didn’t get it! Remember, she had no idea that Disney even existed; she only thought it was in the movies. When Josh told her who lived there, she was smiling and really excited. Here is a picture of Josh telling Caroline where we were at.

We went and rode several rides and met several characters (Ariel, Snow White, Alladin, The Genie, Jasmine, Timon, Rafiki and Belle). We watched a parade and she got to see TONS of characters.

We went to Storytime with Belle where Belle tells the story of the Beauty and the Beast. She asked several kids from the audience to come up on stage and help her tell the story and Caroline was chosen to be Chip. After the show Caroline was able to have her picture taken with Belle and had her sign her autograph book.
We then went to ride Cinderella’s Carousel one more time before leaving for the day. While standing in line a “Dream Maker” came up to Caroline and Josh and started talking to them. She asked what all rides they had rode and if there was anything that they didn’t get to ride. Josh and I had been avoiding the Dumbo ride all day long because the line was outrageously long. Josh told her that and she said that she would take them over to the Dumbo ride after they rode the Carousel. Then she made Caroline a princess by sprinkling her with “pixie dust” and giving her a badge to wear. Then Caroline was moved to the front of the line and was placed on Cinderella’s horse for the ride. Before the ride started the Dream Maker announced to everyone that it was Caroline’s birthday and that she was a princess and they need to bough when they saw her in the park. Caroline was all grins!
She then walked them to the front of the line at the Dumbo ride. Where the Dream Maker announced that Caroline was the pilot of the ride. While Caroline and Josh were riding Dumbo, the Dream Maker came over to me and gave me a certificate for 3 free ice creams! We had our ice cream and started to leave the park, while walking out we stopped to watch a show in front of the Castle where she was able to see all of the princesses and the princes dance with Mickey and the gang. Magical day number 1!
On Monday we went to Animal Kingdom where we rode the safari, watched the Lion King show and Finding Nemo the musical. The kids both LOVED the shows! Caroline got to meet Goofy, Pluto, Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck and they all signed her autograph book. We then went to Downtown Disney where we met up with another family who has a child with RTS. It was so nice talk with a family who has been going through the same things as us and we could totally relate with one another. Will fell in LOVE with Noah right away, he grabbed his face and started kissing him. It was the cutest thing ever! It was so wonderful to get to met Kristi, Tom and Noah. Noah is such an angel and we are all blessed to have met them. I am so grateful that have been given the chance to hold Noah and love on him! He is precious! Thank you, Tom and Kristi for driving an hour to have dinner with us!
We then went back to the hotel and the staff had delivered balloons and a card with a picture signed by Cinderella for Caroline. They also delivered a package that I made up before we left for the trip with a Cinderella doll, a Cinderella shirt, an Ariel shirt, an Ariel coin purse, stickers, a photo album and other things. Caroline was so excited because she thought that Cinderella had actually been in our room! It was really cute! Magical day number 2!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Leaving Town

I wanted to let you all know that we will be leaving town tomorrow morning until Wednesday night. We are taking Will and Caroline on a surprise trip to Disney to celebrate Caroline's 4th birthday a little early. We haven't told Caroline anything, she doesn't even know we are going anywhere (you would think that the suitcases in my room would give it away, but she hasn't asked anything about it). Caroline is really into the princesses right now and Josh and I wanted to do something really special for her. She doesn't even know that DisneyWorld exsists and we are not going to tell her anything until we are walking up to the castle. She is seriously going to flip. On Tuesday morning we are going to be having breakfast with Cinderella (along with about 100 other people) at the castle. We have told them that we are celebrating her birthday and they are going to send out a birthday cake and everything. I have also done some secret shopping and purchased some things that we have wrapped and are going to have the hotel send up to our room with a card that says it is from the Princesses. Again, flipping! Josh and I are really looking forward to the trip and can't wait to see her face when she is face to face with Cinderella! Priceless! I am going to be taking TONS of pictures!
Also while we are there we are going to be meeting up with another family with a RTS child. Kristi (the mom) and I have communicated via e-mail through an RTS listserv online for almost a year now. They live in Jacksonville, FL and are going to drive to Orlando for a night and have dinner with us. I am also going to be taking TONS of pictures of Noah and Will. Noah is 10 months old so Kristi and I joined the listserv at about the same time. We are really excited about meeting their family.
I will post new pictures when we get home and let you all know about the fabulous time that we had! Oh, in case you were wondering, I am packing extra underware for Caroline because I believe that she could possibly pee her pants! Love ya!
Oh, I almost forgot...WE HAD POOP!!! Will pooped TWICE (you read that right!!) yesterday! I think that the benefiber may be working! Thanks for the prayers and keep praying, it works!