Wednesday, December 14, 2011

St Nick came to our house!

St Nick came to our house the night of December 5.  Did he come to your house?  You have to leave your shoe out! 

Anyway, St Nick left the kids a really cute toy and I thought I would show you.

Let me first say that our house is a huge fan of Playmobil.  Caroline just adores their toys and has tons of them…seriously, tons.  So, with that being said she was super excited to see this…


How cute is that?!?

And William has enjoyed playing with it too.  But he prefers that Santa rides in this…


The kid cracks me up!  I hope St Nick was good to you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caroline’s Room

Since it was so much fun to share Charlotte’s Room with all of you, I thought that you may also enjoy taking a peek at Sis’ room.

Caroline’s room was probably the first room in the house to actually be considered “done”.  When we started the process of decorating her room she had a few requests.

1. Blue walls

2. Birds and Owls

3. A tree

Umm, yeah.  A tree.  So this is what we did…

This is the view from the door.  Her walls are painted a light blue (as per her request).


Above her bed…


The wall opposite her bed…


The other wall in her room has double closet doors and the door to her room.

In order to give her as much floor space as possible, I wanted to keep her bed against the wall.  It just seemed logical to turn her twin bed into a daybed.  I searched craigslist and found someone selling two spindle style beds (really only 1.5 beds because they didn’t have the second headboard, only the footboard and railings).  It was perfect for what I had in mind and the price was right ($25).  I used both of the footboards to create her “daybed” and painted the bed white. 

The bedding is sort of a DIY too.  It is hard to find a bedskirt for daybeds (cute ones anyway).  So I bought a twin sized bedskirt, cut it up and sewed it back together to make the skirt on three sides.  And yes, it was a pain in the rear-end.  The polka dot sheets are from Target.  The duvet cover is two twin size flat sheets sewn together on three sides with button closures at the bottom.


The Barbie doll house was made for me when I was a child by my Grandpa Abell.  I really love that I have something that he made that I am able to pass down to my girls.


The tree…


Yep, I painted it.  I had no idea what I was doing but I think that it turned out okay. 


I “carved” her initials into her tree. Red heart 

Well, that is Caroline’s room.  It suits her personality well.  Now, if only I could get her to clean it every now and then!!