Monday, April 4, 2011

Thomas Live on Stage

I took William to see Thomas Live on Stage, Thomas Saves the Day on Saturday.  Josh and I weren’t sure how he would do or if he would sit through the entire show but he surprised us.  He sat through the entire show (I’m not sure that he even blinked) and was so good.  William loves him some Thomas so it was a special treat that he got to go to the show.

Caroline had softball practice so her and Josh stayed home.  It was a day out with my Prince and we had a great time.

Percy and Thomas were there…


There was singing and dancing…


This is what William did the entire show…


After the show was over we went down to the stage and William was able to get a closer look at Thomas…


On the way home from the show he crashed…


It was a fun way to spend the afternoon with my Prince and I know that he had a great time.

Vacation Day 3 and 4

Day 3 of our vacation was Friday.  We went to a game at Roger Dean Stadium (the spring training field for the Cardinals and the Marlins).  The Cardinals played the Detroit Tigers.  We had a great time at the game, even though there was a group of kids that were out of control during the game.  Caroline worked on getting autographs on her baseball.  She got Hall of Famers, Red Schoendienst  and Bob Gibson.  She also got pitcher, Jake Westbrook and second baseman Skip Schumaker where the big names that she got that day.


After the game we went to the pool at the hotel.  The kids just love to swim and William was so excited to see the water.  The hotel pool had a slide and the kids were in heaven.  Josh had to go down the slide with William but William LOVED it!

IMG_1125 IMG_1114

We went to another game on Saturday and the Cards played the Twins.  We sat by some friends from back home, actually Josh’s cousin Laura and her family where vacationing in Florida too.  They go to Spring Training every year and it just so happened that our vacations overlapped this year.  Laura and Chris have two little girls and Caroline was super excited to sit by them during the game and show them the ropes of trying to get autographs.  At this game she got pitchers Kyle McClellen, Jason Motte, Ryan Franklin and Mitch Boggs.  She also got outfielder Matt Holiday, which we found out is her favorite player.  So she was SUPER excited to have gotten his autograph (and I think Josh was secretly jealous that she got him to sign her ball, because he is one that Josh doesn’t have).

After the game we had a connection to get onto the field for a picture.


Then after we got our picture taken Caroline was able to get outfielder Colby Rasmus’ autograph.  We then headed back to our hotel and did a little pool time.