Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Been awhile

Good Morning Everyone!
So sorry that I have not been keeping up with my journaling duties, I hope that you all forgive me! :-)

Will has been doing really well. He has started to "talk" alot more resently. He looked at me yesterday and said "MaMa", I was very happy about that! He also says "DaDa" when Josh enters the room or comes home from work. He has also started to hold up his arms when he wants to be picked up. He wants to be held alot so he gets tons of practice with this one! He is now banging his hands on his tray while sitting in his highchair and using his pointing finger and thumb to pick up snacks on his tray. All of these accomplishments are huge! We are very proud of William and his success.

He has also been eating a bit better. But we are still struggling with it.

His top two teeth have started to come in, so he has been really grumpy! He hasn't been sleeping very well either, so we all haven't been sleeping well.

We have a day packed full of therapy today, so we are going to be busy!!

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