Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pictures from the 10th Annual Midwest RTS Reunion

So here are a few pictures from this weekend. We had a great time. I am going to post more tomorrow (blogger is being really slow tonight) and I will also reflect on the weekend then.

Addi and Kenny watching videos. Kenny just had surgery to remove ingrown toe nails last week but he was walking around and having a great time despite the bandages on both feet. Addi is just as cute as a bug! She is a rock star at her signing, she is awesome!

Here is Caden. Caden was all over the place on Saturday evening, everyone was Caden's friend. I fell in love with his smile. When I would get out my camera he would sign "more" because he wanted me to take more pictures of him (my kind of kid!!).

Troy (Jesse's Dad) brought his guitar and played music for us. Caden stood right next to him the entire time that Troy was playing. Caden would even help Troy strum the guitar by holding onto his hand while he was playing.

This is Eric. He was cracking everyone up on Saturday evening. He is a big wrestling and basketball fan. He was upset that his team (the Bucks) had lost. He told us all about his job and what he does while at work. He is a pretty amazing guy, Eric will be turning 22 next week.

Here is Candy and Chris. Chris is a real cutie. He enjoyed running around the conference room playing with his brothers.

William and Max. Max is only a few months younger than Will and he also has an older sister that is 4 years old. Josh and I talked a long while with Max's Mom and Dad. They are super nice people and they are huge Brewers fans, they may come to StL and go to a Cardinals vs. Brewers game with us!


Tena said...

You are awesome at getting these up already! I may want some copies...I dunno how ours turned out!

Jessica said...

Looks like I missed out, I plan to come next year though.
Waiting for more pictures:)
Dont you hate how long it takes to putjust one picture on a post.

Kathy G. said...

I am a friend of Max's grandmother, Mary Lou. I so enjoyed your website and am happy that Kelly, John, and Max got to meet your family at the reunion.