Thursday, December 20, 2007

We met a new friend!!

Yesterday Will had appointments at Cardinal Glennon. We first had to go and have a renal ultrasound, they wanted to make sure that his kidneys are functioning properly after having the tethered spinal cord surgery. Everything was fine and it all looked great. Will did really well during the ultrasound, he just sat there and played with a toy while the lady used the tool on his back. He did great!

After the ultrasound we went to clinic where we had to see urology and orthopedics. We usually have to see tons more doctors than that but the last time that we went the other doctors put him on a one year follow up. I was thankful that we only had to see the two doctors because I had Will there by myself. Josh had to stay at home with Caroline because she has been sick all week. Anyway, I was hoping that we would be in and out of there, but no dice! Our appointment was at 1pm and we didn't even get a room until 3pm! So it was almost 4pm by the time we left the hospital.

But here is the exciting part!

While we where there one of the doctors said that there was a family there who also has a child with RTS and wondered if I would like to meet them. I said "Heck ya!". So yesterday we met Alex! He is very young, I want to say maybe 4 months. But he reminded me a lot of William with a full head of dark hair, so tiny and of course the broad tumbs and broad toes! He was so very cute! Alex is the youngest of three children. I talked with his parents and found out that they live in Jacksonville, IL, which isn't too far away! I am so excited that we have found someone so close to us. Alex has already had malrotation surgery (Will had that surgery in April) and he is getting ready to have tethered cord release surgery (Will had that surgery in Nov of 2006). We exchanged email and phone numbers so I am very excited to get to know this family.

It is so amazing how Jessica (Alex's mom) and I could instantly bond the way that we did. I looked at her and all of the emotions of when Will was first diagnosed came rushing back. I could see the pain in her eyes and I remember that pain, it is still very fresh. I just hugged her and told her that it does get easier. She questioned me at first and I told her that I know it is hard to believe right now but it does. I think that she was relieved to see Will doing so well (he was being a typical "Stitch", into everything, not wanting to be held, etc.) We didn't want to stop talking and I know that I didn't want to say goodbye but they had other tests that they had to get to. So I went home and sent her an email right away.

That was our day, it was very exciting!

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