Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa 2007

We took the kids to see the big guy in red tonight. It was a bit last minute, with Caroline being sick all week, time just got away from us. Tonight at 5pm Caroline said, "I still have to tell Santa what I want for Christmas!" And I thought, "Oh crap, I forgot to take the kids to see Santa Clause!". So when Josh got home from work, we loaded the kids up and headed for the mall. That's right folks, we are nuts, crazy, completely lost it! The line wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, we only had to wait for 15 minutes, only to be next to see Santa and while we were busy with the kids someone cut in front of us! The nerve of some people. Anyway, we didn't say anything becasue it's Christmas, right!? And as we were waiting in line I told Josh, "This will probably be the last picture of the two kids together on Santa's lap because next year Will will probably be afraid of him" we joked about it and laughed. It was finally our turn, set the kids on his lap and Will started screaming! Caroline told Santa what she wanted for Christmas and Will screamed his head off. The ladies (aka Elves) took some pictures but they were horrible and rediculuously expensive ($20 for 2 5x7's, that's highway robbery for the quality of picture that they take) and they wouldn't let me take a picture with my own camera so there are NO pictures of the kids on Santa's lap. What a disappointment (for me) Caroline was as proud as a peacock that she sat on Santa's lap like a big girl. Last year she was afraid and so Josh and I were also in the picture with the kids!

That was enough of the mall for me!

We then went to the Way of Lights at the Shrine. It was beautiful. Will fell alseep and Caroline talked our ears off but the lights we beautiful. At the end we made a donation to the Shrine and they gave us a stuffed camel which Caroline named Sheba (my parents used to have a dog named Sheba).

We got home at 9:30pm and put the kids to sleep (Brother with Mr. Cow and Sis with Sheba) and called it a day.
Here is a picture from last year's trip to see Santa. Notice Will is crying and Caroline is trying to get as far away from him as possible. This was after about 10 minutes of bribing, pleading and begging for her to sit on his lap until we finally agreed to be in the picture with her! And still she would not sit on his lap. This picture is classic!

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