Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family at my Mom and Mike's house. There was tons of great food and good laughs. We all watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and laughed a lot. It was a great time. Here is a picture of our family in front of the Christmas tree. Caroline is wearing her new princess pajama's that NaNa and Poppi gave to her. She loved them! As soon as she opened them, she said that her clothes where itchy and that she needed to change into her new pj's.
Aunt LeLe (Leslie) and Aunt Marty (Marcea) gave Will a Rudy and he loves it. He got on it and starting bouncing right away!
Aunt LeLe, Aaron and Mikkah gave
Caroline a really huge Cinderella doll, which she loved! She kept saying "it's as big as me!".

Aunt Marty didn't want to have her picture taken, so we made her hold Will, which made her happy!

Mom and Mike in front of the Christmas tree. Getting a good picture of the two of them in nearly impossible, Mom always blinks!

Leslie, Aaron and Mikkah. Aaron had to work on Christmas Eve (hince the "brown"). He came straight from work because the kids were standing at the door yelling for him to come home. He didn't want to make them wait any longer to open gifts. Thanks Aaron!

Grammy Abell and Dell celebrated with us too. Dell was more entertaining than the movie at some points because he would get to laughing so hard. I am not sure what was funnier, Dell or the movie!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Thanks Mom and Mike for having us over! Loves and Hugs!

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