Monday, December 17, 2007

First Snow!!!!

Josh and Caroline (and Madi the dog!) went out to play in the snow on Sat. morning. Caroline had a blast! Madi liked trying to catch the snow balls! They stayed outside for quite a while. Caroline and Josh had a great time throwing snowballs at one another. Caroline got Josh with a few good ones! She has an arm on her!
Josh and Caroline built a snow man. Caroline said it was a girl snowman (snowwoman??). I am not sure why they put the bucket on it's head. But Caroline thought it was funny. I think that they may have stayed outside too long. Caroline was really cold when she came in. Caroline had rosey cheeks for a long time after she came inside. Oh well, it's not everyday that we get SNOW!!

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apillers said...

Tell Caroline that I love the snowwoman!!