Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Not much has been going on here lately.

We celebrated Josh's birthday yesterday. Caroline painted 2 little plaster figures for her dad and she was very proud of them. Josh took them to work and put them on his desk.

Caroline lost her second tooth. Now she is missing both bottom teeth. The tooth fairy brought her a dollar for each tooth. She was very excited about her dollars. She kept asking how the tooth fairy flies into her room at night. ;-)

William is doing great at school. They have starting using the PECS system (picture exchange communication) with him. Yesterday when I was picking him up his aid said that he walked over to his picture board (which has 12 pictures on it), got the picture for pretzels and handed it to her. He had pretzels for snack! I am really excited that he is picking up on the system and hopefully we will be able to start using it at home.


Kristi said...

That's great that Will is doing well. I started using pictures with Noah to help him choose his snacks and drinks. Sometimes I let him choose his breakfast and lunch too. They will be using PECS with Noah when he starts school.

Anonymous said...

That's great news that everyone is doing well. Belated happy birthday to Josh. I remember him when he was Will's age. He was so cute. He was about the same height he is now. Ha, ha. Just kidding. Happy Birthday!

Terri H-E said...

that's great! Food is an amazing motivator...snacks especially. Cheers to Will, Happy Birthday to Josh, congrats on cash to Caroline!

Tarah said...

Sawyer's OT just mentioned that we should start doing the PECS system today. I hope we have as much success as Will. Glad to hear all is well.