Monday, September 21, 2009

Computers, Christmas and Cycle Breaks

So last week my computer died. The computer is still under warrenty so we took it to Best Buy to see if they could recover any data from it. Josh also tried to recover data but nothing worked. I have lost every picture that I have taken since December, not very happy about that. Actually it really makes me sick, I want to hurl. But life goes on...I guess.

Best Buy had to send it off to get it fixed, so I am using my old laptop right now. They said it will take two weeks to get it back!

Last week, we had an appointment with a new OT. She is supposedly the "yoda" of feeding. She worked with Will and told me that if I do the exercises that she showed me that Will could be eating by Christmas! WOW!! What a fabulous Christmas present that would be! And we have also found out that Will swallows food when he is able to move around while eating. When he is sitting in his highchair he will chew and spit his food out. But when he is up walking around he swallows! So I think it may be time to put his highchair way for awhile. We need to change his behaviors when it comes to eating. I am hopeful about Christmas!!

This week is the kid's first cycle break, they don't have school for three weeks. Will is going to do Extended School Year, so he will go two days a week (two hours a day) for the first two weeks of break. He will be riding the bus to and from school, which I am sure he will be more than thrilled about when he finds out!! We are excited to have some fun on cycle break. We are planning a trip to the zoo and a few other places.


Alicia said...

Such a bummer about your computer and pictures. That sucks!! Also reminds me I'd better back up my pics on disk. I haven't done that for a while.

What a great Christmas present indeed! I'll be praying that it happens for Will and you. That would be great!

Have a great time during break with the kids!

Michelle said...

In regards to the lost pictures, at least you have some here on your blog. Can you copy them off the page? Hope so!

Kristi said...

That would absolutely be an amazing Christmas present.. Hoping for you.

Kelly said...

I know that sick feeling. I lost all of my 2009 pictures! Seeing this post opened the wounds again. Christmas! That is awesome to hear. When you are through with her, send her our way! Enjoy the kids break from school! Kelly F