Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The blur that is my life...

What is going on with me?? It has been over a week since I updated!

Honestly, the past few weeks have been a blur.

Josh is on a crazy travel schedule, I have only seen him on weekends for the last 3 weeks. He will be getting home on Saturday and leaving again at the beginning of the week. It's exhausting, for us both.

The kids are on cycle break, so they don't have school. Which has been going really well. Caroline is enjoying being able to play with her friends until dark, sleeping in and living free again. They go back to school on the 9th.

The kids both had dentist appointments and Will had an eye doctor appointment. Both appointments went well. Neither of the kids had cavities. Their new dentist is fantastic, I really like him. He specializes in special needs children, so that makes me feel confident in his ability to treat Will (and Caroline). I see lots of dental work in their future.

Will saw a new eye doctor too. We went to a doctor at St. John's Mercy and really liked him. Will's eyes looked good and the doctor said "see you in a year!". I am a bit confused though. With RTS, there are certain things that "they" say need to be followed closely. One of those things is glaucoma, high pressures in the eye. I am not even sure how they check the pressures in your eye without sedation, but I asked the doctor if Will's' pressures needed checked. The doctor said that he didn't feel it was necessary. I had brought my "Brown Book" (you RTS Mommas know what I'm talking about!!) showed him the article again and said "you sure??" He told me that if I wanted we could have them checked the next time he was going to be sedated. The thing is...I have no idea when he will be sedated next. Does this sound right to you guys???

I have an appointment with an orthopedist tomorrow. I have been having some hip pain (lordy, I sound like I am eighty!!) But the fact is that my hip has been giving me major pain for a month now so I finally broke down and made an appointment. I am sure that everything is fine but need to have it looked at.

Caroline's birthday is Thursday. She will be six years old! I just can't believe it!! I have been working on the final preparations for her parties (yes, you read that right...parties!!) this weekend. We are having a family party on Saturday and a party for her school friends on Sunday. Her theme this year is Hello Kitty. She is looking forward to the weekend!


Queen said...

hmph. sounds like you have a doctor who's a little bit lazy, or a little bit overbooked. either way, it doesn't hurt to tell the doc that while you appreciate his opinion & understand that will's eyes are fine now, you would be more comfortable with a more proactive/preventative approach...

eye pressure can be checked without sedation; just with numbing drops instead; but it's kind of disturbing. my husband has it done fairly regularly (he has keratoconus) and is not a fan. he said it feels "gross" and it's very difficult to sit still through the procedure.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I know Dr. Davitt doesnt seem concerned either. Alex just had his checked under sedation, and his was at the pressure of an african american male, instead of a white male, they have higher pressures apparently, but not to be concerned with at this time. Maybe Im half black?
I hope your life slows down with this school break! And max is crying, at least I commented on someones blog

Cindy said...

Glaucoma is something to rule out with RTS kids, but if the doctor doesn't see anything that causes him to NOT rule it out, then I don't think you need to be worried about a pressure check...at least not before a sedation.

In Natalie's case, she has cupping of the optic nerve AND was becoming progressively more nearsighted (her current prescription is -10...that's pretty bad!) So the doctor couldn't rule out glaucoma as a cause for these two things...so he referred us to a glaucoma specialist who is now following her.

But if Will doesn't have cupping and he's not getting more nearsighted, or doesn't have other symptoms that are part of a glaucoma diagnosis, I wouldn't worry about it.

Does this help?

Michelle said...

Okay so Austin's never been sedated for any eye exams and he's been going every 6 months since he was 18 months old. You got me thinking now. Have they been checking his pressures?!? The dr. does so much with Austin that I just assumed they were. I know the dr. is well aware of the possibility of glaucoma and he's treated another child with RTS before but hmmm...I'll have to ask.

Kelly said...

You have been busy! Max's eye dr has only checked pressure on his eyes maybe one (or twice) under sedation. Max has larger than normal optic nerve cupping. She told us to watch for outside signs of glaucoma. . . his eye getting larger. Max's vision has been well also. I hope Caroline has a great birthday weekend and you celebrate some for yours too! Kelly F