Monday, July 7, 2008

On Location...

Lilo and The Stitch is being brought to you today from Destin, Florida. The kids and I are here with Josh who had to come down here for work all week. It's rough, but some body has to do it! We brought along Christina for the ride, she is our awesome cousin/babysitter. I can't believe that she actually agreed to come along and help me out with the kids while Josh is working, but hey, I'll take it! She is really great with the kids and Caroline is happy to have someone to play with.

So on Sunday morning, bright and early (5am) we left home. The 13 hour car ride was a dream, not! The kids did really well until the last hour. During the last hour Will cried, non stop and threw up all over himself and his carseat. It was great.

But we finally made it to sunny Destin at 6pm, we ate some dinner and went to the hotel pool. We swam for about an hour or so then got baths and went to bed, no I am sorry, crashed.

This morning we got up and had some breakfast then went to the beach. Caroline loved it, Will not so much. He didn't like it very much and actually fell alseep while Josh was holding him. This was the first time Christina has seen the ocean (or gulf, same difference), so that was exciting.

Caroline and Christina jumping the waves.

Will and I getting our feet wet.

Caroline making a sand castle.

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Alex and I could have come and helped babysit!!!!

It looks beautiful, see any good places for a girls weekend?