Thursday, April 17, 2008

St. Louis Cardinal Game

Last night, my friend Laura and I went to a Cardinal's baseball game. Her work had an employee outing and she could bring a guest and invited me! Our seats were along the third base line in the Musial Bridge. During the game we were given a buffet with hot dogs, nachos, chicken and brownies to munch on as well as drinks (soda and water) and beer (after all, we are in StL!). It was a really nice night and the game was good too! The Cardinals won (we even got to see a few homeruns!).

Josh is in Albuquerque, New Mexico for work until Friday (he has been gone since Monday). So I had Christina (Josh's cousin) come and watch the kids while I went to the game. Christina is a FABULOUS babysitter (I highly recommend her!) and I am so grateful that she was available to watch the kids. Christina did great with the kids and she even had to tube feed Will (yes, we are still having to do that!) and she didn't get weirded out by it. Some people don't like to tube feed him because they feel intimidated by it or think that they are going to hurt him or something but not Christina, she is a trooper! It eases a Momma's mind to know that your kids are being well taken care of!

I don't normally leave my kiddos with babysitters only family (my parents or Josh's parents, or my sister and brother in law, etc) so I was a little nervous about leaving them. I told Christina that I was kind of freaking out about leaving and she looked at me a smiled and said "I have watched them before and they were smaller then." And I thought to myself, she is right, she can handle this and I need to chill out. I don't know what I was worried about, I knew that Christina could handle anything that my kids could throw at her. But just in case, I left my cell phone number!

She said that Caroline went to bed fine but it was Will that didn't want to go to sleep! But he finally gave it up around 9pm (an hour after his normal bedtime).

Thank you Laura for inviting me to go to the game, I had a really great time! Thank you Christina for watching my kids and allowing to get a little break this week!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Good job!!!!
I have a major issue with this, here is my secret, are you ready, are you sure........
I dont even let Adam tube feed Alex. I never let the NICU nurses feed him!
I know that is silly. You have to hold the pacifier just right, and do it at a cetain rate or the reflux.....Anyway, I need to take a lesson from you.
Stop laughing at me:)