Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Day

Today started off really nice, we had breakfast and went to the pool. Caroline and Christina stayed at the pool and Will and I went upstairs so that I could tube feed him some lunch at around noon. As I was tube feeding him, he pulled on the tubing and his mic-key button came out!! The whole daggum thing came out of his stomach! I freaked out, he freaked out and his entire lunch was coming out of the hole in his stomach. If I were a good Mom, I would have remembered to bring the emergancy back up kit that I have at home, just in case something like this should happen and I would have been able to fix it right there. But I didn't, so I scooped him up and ran down to the pool to tell Christina that I was going to the ER. I went to the front desk to ask where the nearest ER was, two stop lights down (thank goodness). So we were off...

I got to the ER at 12:25pm, checked in and was taken back to a room. I still had the button, so I just thought that they would put in a new one and we would be off. Wrong. We waited for over an hour before the doctor even came in to see Will. I was starting to get mad because I knew the longer that we waited to put it back in the harder it was going to be because the body's natural reaction is to start closing the whole.

When the doctor came in he asked what type of feeding tube it was, I told him a "mic-key button", to which he replied that he had never heard of it before, what?? Seriously?? Then he said that he didn't think that the hospital would have a replacment, are you joking??? Then we decided that the old button was okay to put back in because the balloon was still intact and working (holding water). So he tried putting it back in....it wouldn't go it. Will just about jumped off of the table and his eyes just about came out of the sockets and screamed in pain. I told the doctor to stop and he would have to come up with a better solution, because the button was going back in as is. He went and got a helper, they put some ky jelly on it and pushed in it. Will was screaming, I was screaming and we were not happy.

They gave Will some tylenol for the pain. They didn't offer me anything.

They then wanted to make sure that the button was in the right place so they wanted to put some contrast in his stomach and take an x-ray. Okay, I am good with that. Problem was they didn't have a way to get the contrast into his stomach through the tube because I left the extention tubing at the hotel. I didn't think there was any reason to grab it in my panic to get to the ER. And because none of them had ever seen a mic-key button before they didn't know about extention tubing. So I had to take Will and run back to the hotel to get the tubing and then go back to the ER and have the x-ray done.

We finally left the hospital at 3:45pm. All is fine, button is back in. But we did not relax today, maybe tomorrow.


Cindy said...

So sorry to hear about your adventure. Hope tomorrow is much better!

Kelly said...

Oh my!! What a day! You both are troopers. I hope tomorrow is signifcantly better.

AnnaKate's mom

Kelly said...

What a trip to the ER! Max's tube has came out a handful of times and John was always around to put it back in. I still think I would freak out! But it is just like an earring, right?!? Ha, ha. It came out when Max was at day-care and his teacher called in a panic and I told her I would have to call John to come put it back in. I don't think I would do it right. It looks like you are in a beautiful place on vacation. If you can do a 13 hour car trip, our 6 hours shouldn't be so bad in a couple weeks!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I am stressed just reading that post. I would have been so mad at the doctors for making me wait that long, andthen not knowing what a mic-key is. SHUTUP!!!!
Im so glad all is ok. Oh my goodness, that could have been much worse.
RELAX tomorrow!

Michelle said...

Holy cow you poor thing! My heart goes out to you and Will.

Mama G said...

Oh my...i was getting so angry at the e.r. just reading your post. Poor Will and poor you. Wish I could be there and give Will a kiss and you a great big beer! Hang in there, hope the rest of your vacation is relaxing!

Jacqui and Lloyd said...

My eyes nearly fell out whilst reading this post!! HECTIC - well done to you and Will for surviving!! Hope you get some rest and relaxation.