Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Performance

Caroline's performance was the cutest thing in the whole wide world! She was on the stage just smiling and having a good ol' time. When we were leaving, a lady came up behind me and asked if that was my clown. I told her that she was and she said, "I think that she was born to be on the stage. She stole the entire show! She was so cute!"

Josh and I are so proud of her. She got up there and was not nervous one bit. She remembered her routine and performed it with a smile the whole time.

After the performance Josh and I gave her some flowers and she thought that was pretty cool. Ms. Katy, her teacher, also gave each of the girls a little flower in tissue paper with two little hair bows around them. Caroline was so exicted to get flowers. She was just so cute.

Here are some pictures of her before the performance. Notice her hair, it was REALLY hard to get her hair to all go back, but I finally got it!

This was taken after the performance with her flowers.

The dance studio is selling DVDs of the performance so I am going to get one of those.

Oh, and Will sat through the entire show with no problems. He had a fantastic time clapping after each of the performances. He laughed the whole time!

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