Saturday, May 17, 2008


Caroline had dress rehearsal for her ballet recital today. She had to get all dressed in her Clown costume and go to the theater where the recital was going to be held tomorrow and practice on the stage. She did so good. She was smiling the whole time and was really having fun. The recital was "At the Circus".

This was during their performance. Caroline is on the end. This position is "hands on hips, smiles on feet". Too cute!

This is Caroline doing the "elevator up". They press their noses and then go up on their tip toes. I have a lot of pictures of the side of Caroline's face because Ms. Katy (Caroline's teacher) was just to the side of the stage doing the dance with the girls so that they wouldn't forget the routine.

This is Caroline doing "ples and stretch".

This was when she did her "little touch, little touch, BIG touch", aka leg lifts.

And her she is doing another part of the dance, but I can't remember what they call it. Sorry, I am no ballerina!

This was when they were practicing the "finale". They all went on the stage and curtsy. The little girl behind Caroline was a poodle! Oh my gosh, they were cute too!

Tomorrow is the big performance. We are so excited!!

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