Thursday, March 6, 2008

On the hunt...

for shoes!! Now that we have Will's braces!! WOOOHOOO! I actually went and picked them up yesterday but today was the first day that I put them on him. Lets just say he wasn't too thrilled about them. We are going to gradually increase his wear time so that he can get used to them.

Today I had to go to Target so I took a look at there boy shoes. Yuk! They didn't have anything that would even work not to mention that none were cute. They had tons of really cute girl shoes but nothing for boys. Tomorrow I have to go to Walmart, I will see if there is anything there but I am not holding my breath. If I can't find anything there I will have to go to Striderite. My problem is going to be finding something that will fit over the brace. Will has wide feet to begin with and then with the brace, watch out!! So I am going to be looking for a double or triple wide shoe. Wish me luck!

So here are some pictures of Will with his new braces. Caroline picked out the colors and straps. She was very proud of her choices. I think that she did pretty good too! They have dogs and baseball bats and balls on them.

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