Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stuck in NM

Josh left yesterday for a business trip to New Mexico. He was supposed to be home tonight late, around 10:30pm.

I got a phone call earlier, caller ID showed AM Airlines, my heart sank. They have never called our home phone before. No worries, they called to say that Josh's flight had been changed and he would not be getting in until midnight. I called Josh to let him know what they had said and to give him his new flight information.

He just called me to tell me that he wouldn't be home until tomorrow. There is a blizzard in Dallas and there are no flights going in or out of Dallas. So Josh is stuck. Lets hope that he makes it home tomorrow. They told him that everyone is having to change flights that were to go through Dallas therefore causing it to be really hard to find a decent flight time. He had already checked out of his hotel and returned his rental car, so let hope that he finds a hotel and transportation.

Pray for Josh's safe return home.

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