Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Kicks

So I found Will some shoes, not without frustration. I finally found him shoes at Striderite, after looking at 4 other stores. They are New Balance shoes size 7 double wide. They sort of look funny on him, they don't look like should be on such a little boy. Not to mention that they are super hard to even get on his foot! But I am happy that they don't have any characters on them and they are kind of cute. He wore them for about 45 minutes today until he was screaming to have them off. I think that he will get used to them pretty quickly and may be soon he will take off walking!

Sorry, I couldn't get a picture of him standing in the shoes, he wasn't so sure of them when I had the camera out. Maybe tomorrow.


Michelle said...

oh how I know what you're going through with those new braces! We just went through this as well. Austin's ortho dr. special ordered shoes at the office for us (didn't even ask, just did...very grateful!) Medicaid paid it...did your office offer that? These shoes are VERY easy to get on over the brace as opposed to the ones on my blog that took forever to get on.

Jessica said...

He has big boy feet!
Let me know how it goes.