Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Danger Song?

On the way home from picking Caroline up from school, I asked her what she did at school today? She said that they had music time, painted the body of a reindeer brown, and went to Chapel. I asked what she did during Chapel.
She was very confident in saying, "We sang the Danger Song".
I said "The Danger Song? I have never heard that song, how does it go?"
She said, "You know Mom, the one about Baby Jesus!"
"Again, Caroline, I don't know that song, sing it for me."
She said, very annoyed...

"Away in a Danger, no crib for a bed...."

It took everything that I had not to start laughing because that would have REALLY made her mad!

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Sue said...

Myssie, This is the sweetest story!! You should submit it to Reader's Digest.

Sue LePage