Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bilibo Fun

This is the Bilibo!
I heard about the Bilibo from my friends on the RTS listserv (emailing community). The Bilibo is a toy shaped much like a turtle shell that kids can sit in and spin or rock or whatever else their little imagination comes up with. Many of the other mothers on the listserv have bought a bilibo for their kids because there are many RTSweeties that LOVE to spin. I had never seen one or heard of one before the discussion with the other moms.

I asked Will's OT if she had ever heard of them and she told me that she had one. She brought it over today and left it for us to play with. Will hates it! He doesn't feel safe in it, he is not stable enough while in it (which is what many of the other moms had said about their kids). Caroline LOVES it! She has been playing with it since she came home from school. It has been non stop giggles all day long! She likes to sit in it and have me spin her around or spin herself around. She likes to stand in it and have me twist her (that is her favorite).

She also likes to stand on top of it and pretend that she is the Circus Ring Leader (Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...)

She didn't even want to take a bath. She didn't want to stop playing with it, she asked if she could take it with her to the bathtub. She is now sitting in it watching Rudolph. I think this maybe something that we end up getting for the kids, maybe Will will grow into it, who knows! Check it out at the website... www.bilibo.com

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