Monday, December 3, 2007

Boy in the Moon

The Globe & Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) is running a special series over the next few weeks. It's called "The Boy in the Moon" and is written by Walker Brown, a Globe reporter who has an 11-year old son with a very rare syndrome.

"For 11 years, writer Ian Brown and his family have dealt with an unexpected presence - his son, Walker, born with a rare and complex genetic disorder, CFC, which makes life very disorderly indeed. Unable to communicate or even to eat on his own, mentally delayed, fragile, sickly, sometimes destructive, sometimes joyful, Walker is a mystery made possible by modern medicine. In his remarkably frank and intimate story, Brown describes his struggle to care for and to understand his son, and through him, the value of a human life."

Go to Part 1: Walker, the Unexpected Son is available now. Part 2 : Finding Walker's Place will be available next Saturday and Part 3: Walker, My Teacher on December 15th.

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