Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wanted to update you all on Will. He is doing better, I believe that we have turned the corner on this cold. He was up for about 3 hours last night crying from midnight to 3am. It was another night with crying and there being nothing that I could do to soothe him. But other than having a long night he is doing well today. Thanks for all of your prayers.
Tomorrow we are going to the pedi (Dr. Rahman) or as Caroline would call him Dr. ComeOn for the kids flu vaccines. I am going to be taking the kids by myself because Josh has to work. So please pray that Caroline does better with this vaccine than the last one she got in August. If you remember, she was kicking and screaming and I had to hold her down (it wasn't pretty). So lets pray that the poor little girl makes it through (and Mommy too!).
Teresa (Josh's little sister) got engaged this weekend!!! Congratulations Teresa and Todd!!! ((HUGS))

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