Monday, November 5, 2007

Not so good

The flu shots didn't go so well :-\ Caroline was screaming and kicking. It took me and two other nurses to hold her down, then after it was already done she said "I know it is going to hurt" When I told her it was already over, she just said "oh". Then she asked if she was brave and the nurse told her no! I told her that she can for sure be brave next time to which she gave me the look of "there is not going to be a next time!".
I called the GI doctor today because of all of the vomitting that Will has been doing the last few weeks. She wants him to have an upper GI again to make sure that everything is okay. We are scheduled to do that tomorrow at 9am. Then we will see the doctor after we have the test done and go over what it shows.
I will let everyone know what happens tomorrow.

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