Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday William!!!

Today my little man turns 1 year old, I can hardly believe it. What a year it has been...
Diagnosed with RTS at 9 days old, on that day going through several ultrasounds, eeg, a skeletal survey and many needle pricks. He has had 3 surgeries this past year (tethered spinal cord release, malrotation of the intestine, and g-tube placement) and 5 hospital stays (I think). We have been to the pediatrician more times then I could even count (I am sure that our insurance would be able to give an accurate count!) and many specialists. Will has therapy sessions every week that he has been doing since he was 2 months old. His favorite toy is Caroline! He LOVES to put everything in his mouth. He loves music and bouncing (he is a Tiger at heart!) He is cruising the furniture and crawls really fast! He also loves to get into the kitchen cabinets and eat the dog food. He sits here this morning smiling from ear to ear.
My little man is the strongest guy that I know, he has been through so much yet is the happiest child I have ever seen. He lights up the room. I am absolutely blessed and honored that God chose me to be William's mommy.
I wanted to thank all of you, our family and friends who have given us your prayers and thoughts during this past year. Without all of you I am not sure how Josh and I would have made it through. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we love you all and appriaciate all that you have done for us and our family. We can not thank you all enough.
Everyone have a piece of birthday cake today and celebrate William's birthday! Much love to you all!

We had a birthday party for Will, Lil' Buckaroo themed. Will was the sheriff! Here is a picture of him with his birthday cupcake, he didn't really care for it.
Here is a picture of the kids after the pinata was broken open. They all walked away with tons of loot! The party was a success and everyone had a great time. Happy First Birthday William!

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