Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Boy, we have a busy week!!

Yesterday we went to Cardinal Glennon to surgery clinic for our third round of silver nitrate. They sent me home with a bag full of the silver nitrate sticks and told me to do it every 3-4 days until it is all gone. Yippie! Also learned that Will's wonderful sergeon, Dr. Coln is moving to St. John's Hospital. Normally I would be so sad about this but we are going to be a St. John's for GI, so I have no problem seeing Dr. Coln there too!! We are going to take Will to see Dr. Linda Brady, new GI doctor, at St. John's. We have heard nothing but wonderful things about Dr. Brady and are really excited to meet her. And since Dr. Coln put in the g-tube we will be able to see both Doctors together if need be at St. John's.

Ok, back to the busy week...Today I have to take both kids to see Dr. Rahman (pedi.) Both Kiddos are due for a well baby visit and both kiddos are due for some shots! Yippie! I am not so much worried about Will, but Caroline is a whole other story! I literally had to sit on her to hold her still to get a splinter out of her foot. She was screaming her head off and out of control. So, a nurse coming at her with some needles should be interesting. But she has to have a physical before school starts, so I don't see us leaving the doctor's office without some shots.

Tomorrow is our appointment with Dr. Brady!! I can't wait! Never have I been this excited about a GI appointment. But I have heard so many great things about her, I really feel that we may walk away from this appointment with a feeding plan. I am so upset with the GI doctors at CG! They put the g-tube in and we haven't heard anything from them since!! How crazy is that! Not a follow up appointment, not a call, not a nothing! Now you know why we are going to St. John's! Anyway, I will let you all know how the appointment goes...

Aunt Leslie and Mikkah are also coming to visit today! We can't wait! Will also has a therapy appointment this afternoon when we get home from the doctor appointment (come to think of it, I might just cancel that one). Tomorrow we have a playdate at Avery's and Ms. Susie's house before the doctor appointment. Did I mention that we are busy! LOL!!

I will let you all know how the appointments go...You may be able to hear Caroline scream if you are outside around 1pm today! Poor little girl! Talk to you all soon...


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