Thursday, August 23, 2007

Doctor Visits

Ok, so Caroline didn't do that great with the whole shot thing but we all survived. She had to get one and Will had to get three. Caroline got hers first and thought about holding Will's hand when he got his but then said..."I can't look!!" and stood behind the nurse.

You might see the kids in some Cardinal Glennon publications! There was a lady there taking pictures of the doctors and nurses interacting with the kids. Dr. Rahman's office is not at Cardinal Glennon but they are in the same SSM group. Caroline and Will had their picture taken with Dr. Rahman, it was really cute!

Yesterdays visit with Dr. Brady could not have gone any better! Josh and I both really liked her. She first asked us what we came in for and I told her that we wanted a plan for Will's feeding and weight gain, she said okay and gave us one!

We are going to add a half a scoop more of formula to each of his bottles a day (to add more calories). So instead of 2 scoops per four ounces as the label says, we are going to add 2 1/2 scoops to the four ounces. We are also going to start giving him Benafiber (2 teaspoons a day) to help with the constipation issue.

We have to take Will in for a weight check in two weeks to see if the adding the half scoop is indeed adding weight to him. I am just going to take him into Dr. Rahman's office and they are going to fax his weight to Dr. Brady so that I don't have to drive all the way to St. John's.

Most babies stop drinking formula when they turn a year old, but Dr. Brady said that Will should be on formula until he is at least 16 months old. At that time she is going to consider starting him on whole milk, but right now he needs the vitamins and minerals that are in the formula.

Dr. Brady was wonderful! Josh and I left the appointment feeling great, like we had accomplished something! First time EVER!!! She said that she doesn't need to see him back for 6 months. If he is gaining weight like he should then all should be good. Yippie!

Today we are staying home and cleaning house, that housekeeper still hasn't shown up! LOL!

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