Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Josh and I are not sure what to do...Our physical therapist told us that Will will most likely need bracing for his feet. His feet tend to roll inward, so he is walking on the inside of his ankles. She also told us that we need to put him in hard sole shoes so that he has more support because he likes to use his big toe alot for balancing (his big toes is VERY flexible). So she wanted us to talk to orthopedics when we went to Myelo Clinic last time. We talked with the doctor and he said that he would never brace a child as young as Will that we should wait until after he is walking and that soft soled shoes are the best way to go. So Josh and I are really confused as to what we should do. It makes sense to us to put him in hard sole shoes because that big toe does crazy things! We also think that it makes sense to give him extra support around his ankles to help keep them from rolling inward. Sigh...what to do...

Today Will had PT and she had a pair of the braces that another kid grew out of and she brought them in to just experiment. I thought that there was a definate change in his foot posture (he tends to stand with his feet far apart and toes pointing ourtward). He was standing with his feet closer together and toes pointing forward. So we kept the braces so that I could show them to Josh and we are going to the pedi. next week so I am going to talk to him about them.
I am also leaning toward the PT's opinion a bit more too because she has treated another child with RTS and knows what to expect and what to look for as far as what RTSweeties tend to do. The ortho and pedi have never treated another RTSweetie and their knowledge is limited.
Josh and I are going to go over all the options and make a decision, sooner or later...

Who knew buying shoes could be so difficult!

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