Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I have learned...

during my first week as a Momma of 3.

  • my kids are a true blessing.

  • sometimes when you wake up thinking it is going to be a typical Thursday, it can turn into a wonderful birthday.

  • Caroline is an awesome big sister and is a great helper.

  • William is interested in his little sister and likes to give her kisses.

  • a baby's head is the sweetest smelling thing in the world.

  • babies poop a lot. a lot.

  • trying to get 3 kids and myself ready to leave the house is like hearding cats...nearly impossible.

  • my husband is the best husband and father in the world, hands down.

  • William has taken a liking to climbing again, just like I showed you in this post about His Stunt Double.

  • it is refreshing to feed your baby without stressing over mLs and calories. Charlotte is eating like a champ and gained 7 ounces in a week!

  • William doesn't understand "gentle" as well as one would like. ;)

  • Caroline doesn't want to learn to change diapers...I think I need to work on that one!

  • it is amazing what you can do using only one arm or one hand.

  • it was a strange but wonderful feeling to go to the doctor and her tell you that everything looks great and the baby doesn't need to be seen again until her one month well baby visit.

And finally...

  • I have learned that being sleep deprived, pooped on, peed on, spit up on is okay because these little jewels call me Momma...


Cindy said...

Beautiful! Congrats on your VERY beautiful family!

Lora said...

Oh I love it! I know I'll really enjoy reading about your adventures with 3.

Christine said...

AHH YES, I'm with you on all of those points! I'm hoping to meet all of the Pillers sometime in the near future. Such a beautiful family you have!