Friday, December 10, 2010

William’s Stunt Double

This is Elmo…DSC01091

He is going to serve as William’s stunt double for today’s post.  First, Elmo pushed the chair across the kitchen...DSC01092

to the counter.  Then, Elmo climbed up onto the chair…DSC01093

After climbing onto the chair, Elmo climbed up onto the counter.  AND STOOD UP.  DSC01094

Then, Mama had a nice little heart attack and got William Elmo off of the counter. 

He wanted a sippy cup of apple juice and decided to try to get the cup himself.  I may have to start putting bells on the kid’s shoes!!


Terri H-E said...

We call that proudfreak over here! Joyous proudfreak to you. Proud of the industriousness and ingenuity, thrilled about the drive, but bloody freaked out about current danger and future implications. Here's to having clever kids!

And I love the stunt double demo - well done!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh my. But good job Will!

Cindy said...

I hate to tell you, but this is only the beginning...Natalie loves to climb on high things and stand up. I TRY to not freak out so she doesn't do it just for my response...