Tuesday, June 1, 2010

William’s End of the Year Celebration

Today Josh and I went to William’s school for the end of the year celebration.  There were 4 students in William’s class that graduated and are going to Kindergarten next school year.  The beginning of the program was a video of all the pictures that the teachers took throughout the year of all the activities the class did.  It was really cute and the pictures were put to music so it was very nice.  It was neat to see how much the kids had grown since the beginning of the school year. 


After the video we had a snack.  William ate Cheetos.


Then the students walked over the ‘bridge’, which represented them graduating to Kindergarten.  William thought it was fun to smile for the camera!


And finally, the kids sang their favorite songs.  One song identified body parts…"put your finger on your head, on your head.  put your finger on your nose, on your nose”.  And William was able to identify all the body parts that were in the song!



His teachers put together a bag for the kids to take home filled with CD’s of the favorite songs that they sing during circle time, pictures and bubbles.  It was very nice and I am feeling very blessed to have these wonderful teachers in William’s life.



Jacqui said...

Will is looking so grown up and big. I am thrilled for you that his school has been so positive for him - seems he is making the best of it.

Kelly said...

He is so grown up! I am impressed with him identifying the body parts! Great work Will! Kelly f

Kerri H said...

Cheetos..my kind of guy! Great job will!