Friday, May 28, 2010

The Rundown

What?!?!  It’s Friday again already!!  The end of the school year madness has hit our house.  We have been busy, Caroline and William were sick and both missed 2 days of school and I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually write a post!  Forgive me.

William has been taking swimming lessons for three weeks.  He can now but his face in the water while floating on his belly.  It is really pretty funny.  He makes this face like…’did you just see me do that Mom?’ and it makes me laugh every time!  He can also relax now while floating on his back and actually tries putting his face in the water.  Yeah, try to picture that one…head all the way in the water so that his face goes under too.  The kid is a mess!

We also had William’s annual IEP this week too.  It went really well, much different than last year when I cried the ugly cry in front of strangers.  No tears this year…just smiles.  William is doing so well in school.  The teacher said that he can identify 108 objects in the classroom…so he has 108 words!!!  Of course he is using his PECS pictures while identifying these objects, nothing verbal…but he is working on it!  We are so very proud of William, he has made huge progress this year.  We are looking forward to seeing what is in store for him next year!

Caroline had her Teddy Bear picnic at school on Thursday.  She was able to bring a stuffed animal and her favorite book to school.  They sat outside on beach towels with their stuffed friend and had a snack and read their books.  She was very excited about it and had a great time.

Today is her school’s all day Field Day.  They will be playing games and things outside for most of the day.  And to top off all of the fun, it is pizza day for lunch.  She could barely contain herself at breakfast this morning!

So school is coming to an end for the kids…next Friday to be exact.  But they will be returning on July 15th to start a new school year.  Caroline is really looking forward to being a 1st grader and William is looking forward to another year with his ladies at preschool.

The pool opens tomorrow…the kids are PUMPED!!  Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll!

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Kelly said...

I know how crazy the end of the year is...ugh...I am ready for it to be over!

HUGE progress for Will! I love to hear how well he is doing.

Can't wait to see you and here more funny Will and Caroline stories!