Friday, November 13, 2009

Caroline's Bird Feeder

Caroline had a Girl Scout meeting on Monday. At the meeting they made pine cone bird feeders, you know, the kind where you smear peanut butter onto the pine cone and then the bird seed sticks to the peanut butter, yep that kind. Anyway, the girl was super pumped about her bird feeder and super pumped about hanging it in a tree when we got home. Well when we got home it was dark outside so we waited until the next day. We hung it up after everyone had gotten up that morning, so around 7am. It was still there at 7:50am when Will got on the bus. But by the time Caroline went to get on the bus at 8:45am it was gone!

When she got home from school I told her about how it was gone and she was sad. I told her that sometimes squirrels get greedy and take things without sharing with others. She was already making plans to make another one when we looked outside and it was back!! The squirrel brought it back and put it on a landscaping rock just under the tree that he had snatched it from. I promise that it was not there before, we would have seen it!! Caroline was so happy that the squirrel decided to share. But then before I could get the camera and take a picture of the pine cone on the landscaping rock, it was gone...again!

So that is the story of the pine cone bird feeder and the greedy squirrels that live in our yard! I am sure that Caroline will be making a new bird feeder this weekend.


Alicia said...

Awww, poor Caroline!! I'm glad she can make another one though.

My Grandpa used to have such a hard time keeping squirrels away from his bird feeder. He had it on a tall skinny pole. One time he put crisco on the pole so the squirrels couldn't climb it. It was the most hilarious thing to watch a squirrel try to scurry up the pole, get a couple of feet up and then slide back down! ; )

Have a great weekend!

Our Journey said...

too funny!! what a great lesson though. have fun making another one Caroline!