Monday, August 31, 2009

Our weekend...

Over the weekend, Josh and I got a much needed break. Josh's parents took the kids over night so that Josh and I could go to the Cardinal's game on Saturday night. While we were waiting in line to enter the stadium, Josh got a call from one from one of his friends offering him tickets to Sunday's game. We took the offer and went to two games this weekend.

On Saturday, it was photo night, so fans were allowed onto the field and the players walked around the field so that the fans could take their photo. Josh and I didn't go onto the field because it was crazy crowded. We decided to stand behind the visitors dugout which worked out great. We were really close to the players and I got some good shots.

They were announcing that players would not be signing autographs and you were not allowed to take pictures with the players. Mr. Pujols had different ideas. He was pulling kids out left and right to have their picture taken. He was holding babies and high-fiving kids, it was really neat to watch. He is such a nice man. Mr. Pujols and his wife have a child with Down Syndrome, they have a foundation (Pujols Family Foundation) where they help family affected by Downs. He and his wife have done great things for special needs families. I think that he is an amazing person and a fantastic role model for kids.

(no zoom on the camera, we were this close to him)

On Saturday night we had bleacher seats. On Sunday we had seats behind first base, they were awesome seats!

Jessica, these next pictures are for you!!

Yadier Molina, the best catcher in baseball!!

Molina and Wainwright giving each other a pre-game smack on the rear-end.

Molina getting ready to get started...

Mr. Pujols warming up. Hello!
There was a fan at the game who was celebrating his birthday. He was sitting a few rows in front of us. He was interviewed by someone and put up on the big screen. He was celebrating his 104th birthday!!! After the next inning, Albert gave him a signed bat! Josh was super jealous, as were many other fans!!
And then there was this guy, a vendor. His catch phrase was "hot body, cold beer!!" LOL gotta love it!!
Josh and I had the best time together at the games. It was nice to enjoy one another's company.


Kelly said...

Love it "hot body, cold beer".

Glad you and Josh had a weekend alone together! The games looked like fun. John told me what a great man Pujols is. I didn't know he had a child with special needs. John and I went to a Brewer game on Sunday with another couple and we are going again on Friday with the same couple and taking their oldest son and Ava.

Kelly F

Brandi said...

Wow, a weekend away. Thank goodness for grandparents! I'm glad you two were able to spend some time together.

Baseball isn't a big deal where we live. It rains too much. My husband sure loves to watch it though. I'm more of a football fan.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I just know Molina loves me so, so much. Thanks for those shots, it made me smile! Hoe nice to get out twice without out kids, and at a Cardinals game!
I had no idea that #5 had a child with Downs Syndrome. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

p.s. you know I just made that Molina picture my background:)

Anonymous said...

The magic number is 21 and counting! Go Cards!