Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's going on...

  • We have a house!! We will be closing on June 19th. We can't wait!!
  • We will be living in this stinking hotel for another month! Yuck!
  • I am so completely over hotel life it is not funny. I am tired of having to take the dog outside to go, it is just not an easy task with two kids in tow. I am tired of the noisy neighbors. I am tired of being on top of one another all the time. I am tired of the devil stove. I am tired because I am not sleeping in my own bed.
  • Will is going to be getting ear tubes on July 30th. Yep, July 30th was the first available appointment!!
  • Will has a really bad cold. Cough, runny nose, gagging...lots of gagging.
  • I had a flat tire today.
  • Will has an appointment with urology tomorrow. It is just a follow up, I believe that everything will be just fine.
  • Caroline had her dance recital over the weekend. I still haven't even downloaded the pictures.
  • Caroline graduates from preschool on Thursday.
  • We went to the "new" house tonight to have the home inspection done and Caroline met new friends! There are about 4 girls that live on our street and they all came over and played in the yard with her. I am so thankful that she has already made friends. She cried when we left because "it is going to be a WHOLE month before I can play with them again!!"
  • Our "new" house has a subdivision swimming pool, we are looking forward to having some fun this summer!!!


Alicia said...

Congratulations on the house!!! Hopefully the next month will just fly by.

Kelly said...

*I like the bulleted list!

* Yeah for the house...perfect move in timing. Move in and then go to Florida with great girlfriends!!

*Yeah for tubes! It made all the difference in our life. Especially the 3rd set that was bigger and won't clog.

* Yeah for friends and pools. When can we come visit!

*Boo...for a flat tire and hotel life.

Kelly W.

Lora said...

Well you haven't been busy or anything! :-) Congratulations on the house! I am eager to see pictures. Walter graduates preschool on Thursday too. Our big kids! I hope you sail through your last month of hotel living, and that Will's tube surgery goes well.

Cindy said...

That's so exciting that you have a house, and it has so many great things that go with it...friends, pool! Sorry it's been a hard slog in the hotel, but hopefully now that there's an end in sight you can relax...or go on a vacation! Oops, that would mean another hotel stay! ;) Sorry you had such a terrible appointment. I agree that if there are enough specialists out there, we should put the rude ones out of business by not going back...that's my policy!