Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Long Day

I can safely say that we will never go to a clinic appointment at Glennon ever again. Why you ask? Because they suck!

Today we had an appointment with urology. We had an ultrasound at 1:30pm with a clinic appointment after. I thought it would be a few hours since it was going to be a pretty straight forward appointment. WRONG!!!!

We finally left the hospital at 5pm! The doctor came in at about 4:45pm and said "we will see you in a year" and that was it. He didn't even examine Will, never even touched him.

Not to mention the fact that the waiting room, which we were in for 2 hours, had nothing for the kids to do. The televisions were on a cartoon channel but the cartoons were nothing that I would let the kids watch. There were no toys and there was trash all over the place. I was constantly walking behind Will guiding him away from soda cans, cups and papers that people had left behind. And again when we went back to the exam room, there was nothing. Caroline was bored out of her mind, which led to misbehaving, which is never good.

I was ready to pull my hair out. I was polite when I told the nurse in charge of the clinic to not bother to send us an appointment time in the mail for next year because we would not be returning. I explained that this wasn't the first time that we had to wait an insane amount of time to see the doctor (who, by the way, was chatting on his cell phone is the hallway before coming into our room). I explained that the nurses were wonderful and they always tried to make it up to us (today they gave Caroline a five dollar gift certificate to the gift shop. She got chips for the ride home.) But all that said, it didn't make up for the fact that we had to sit there for 4 hours and wait and wait and wait.

It was a long day. The kids and I were glad to be home (aka back at the hotel room).

So we are in the market of a new urologist.


Kelly said...

Yuck....I would have been sooooo mad!

I am glad you said something to them. Offices need to know that patients are unhappy.

I hope today is better!

Kelly W.

Brandi said...

Oh Myssie, I would have been sooooo angry too. Two hours waiting time is unacceptable!

Although our maximum wait time has only been an hour, we have driven two hours round trip to only have a doctor come in and say "looks like things are going well, see you in a year". I just want to scream when this happens.

I hope you have a better day today!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Aaaahhhhh...We will be there next Tuesday for NICU follow up and eyes. Was it doctor Palagari? he is doing Alex's surgery in July.

that does suck, Im glad everything looked good and you dont need an urology appt anytime soon.

Jacqui said...

What a torturous afternoon. That in the midst of living in a hotel with a devil stove (I had to laugh at that one from previous post). Praying for strength for you as you look forward to moving into your home. Sometimes huge crisis are easy to cope with as opposed to lots of small niggly things pecking away at your sanity. HUGS