Friday, February 20, 2009

The up-swing, poker and fairies

Will has been feeling pretty bad for a week now. I think that he is starting to feel better. He is gagging less but still coughing, alot. We added another medicine for his reflux that is really helping him. He isn't running a fever anymore either, so that is good. I hope that he is 100% soon. I feel for the little guy, being sick is no fun.

Caroline had "Daddy and Me" night last night and she drew a picture that said..."I love my Daddy because....He takes me to poker." Haaaaa! That is so funny! Josh plays poker with his friend from High School that has a son that is Caroline's age. Josh takes Caroline so that her and Tristen can play while the Dads play poker. All of the teachers thought it was hilarious and Josh said that even some of the Dads were coming up to him saying "Are you the poker Dad"? Too funny!
Caroline was playing Tinkerbell today and when she was done Will thought that he needed to be Tinkerbell. Caroline helped him put on the wings.
He makes a cute little pixie!!


Marissa said...

I'll pray that Will is finally on the upswing.

That Caroline is too funny for words! Poker... ha, the things kids say!

Will is the most handsome fairy I have ever seen.

Have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

Just wait until Caroline wants to dress him up in a dress and paint his fingernails. Bella just saw Will's picture and said that she want wings like him! :)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

He looks like he is feeling better.
I cant beleive we all get to hang out in just a few weeks!!!!
Love me through it, Im guessing I will cry every time I meet a new mom.