Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Our Christmas Eve celebration at my Mom and StepDad's house was alot of fun this year. All of the kids were super excited about their presents. They were all super cute!

This is Caroline and her Bitty Baby doll, they had matching dresses and looked absolutely adorable together.

Mikkah (my nephew) peeling an orange. There were cookies and goodies all over the place and he chose to eat an orange! Go figure!

Here is Mikkah showing off his new SpiderMan scooter. He kept looking at the front plate on it and saying "It's SpiderMan!! So funny! He is also wearing his new backpack that we gave him for his leapster game, he loved it!

This is what Will liked to do on the scooter, with someone pushing him.

Will looking cute with drool all over his shirt!

Marcea making a funny face. She was glad to be home from school!
Mom and Marcea.

Marcea and the kids.

The family in front of the tree.

Nana and Poppi with all of the grandkids.

Leslie and Mikkah. Aaron (Leslie's boyfriend) was STILL at work! He wasn't able to come because he works for UPS and they had to get every one's packages to them before Christmas morning!! He didn't get home until after 8pm on Christmas Eve.

We had a great time together on Christmas Eve. We got home in time to leave cookies for Santa.


Mama G said...

How fun! I love Caroline's dress and matching doll, what a cutie! Can't wait to see more pics of your holidays!

Kelly said...

Looks like a great christmas eve with family! Love your new look. . . super cute!! Kelly F