Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

On Christmas day we woke up and opened presents. Caroline was super excited that Santa came to her house and ate her cookies.
Will got a cell phone in his stocking that he was happy with.

Caroline really enjoyed giving her gifts this year. Josh and I took her shopping so that she could buy gifts for Will, Josh and I. They were the first gifts that she handed out, before she opened her gifts from Santa. She was very excited about the gift that Will gave her, a Hello Kitty doll. I gave her a camera, which is total junk. I am so disappointed by that thing. I didn't expect it to take amazing pictures but I did want it to take A picture. She has taken tons of pictures and they are all blurry, she is so disappointed and so am I. Josh gave her a Bitty Baby changing table that she was speechless about!
After opening gifts we got dressed and went to church. Grammy and Papa (Josh's mom and dad) met us there and came over after church. They stayed for a bit and the kids got to show them all of their gifts.

Around noon, my mom, stepdad and sister Marcea came over. We all ate lunch together and hung out. The kids played with their toys, Marcea included.

The tunnel was a huge hit with both the kids and the dog. Buster loves to run through it too. Funny. But this is my favorite picture from the holidays. Marcea and Caroline in the tunnel together.

This is what happens to your hair once you get out of the tunnel!


Liddy said...

Was the camera you got Caroline by any chance the Little Tikes one? Noah got that one and it is terrible. You have to hold it still for about 5 seconds to take a picture. He doesn't even stand still that long, much less hold a camera in place. All of the pictures he's taken are of the floor.

Anonymous said...

You all are so cute! Looked like fun.

Shawnery said...

The above comment was me I was just messing with you. LOL