Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few things from today...

During therapy this morning Will ate pureed pears!! With ketchup on each bite!! Gross!

I have been having the hardest time getting him to eat pureed foods (baby foods), he is just not interested, will not open his mouth or spits it back out. So the therapists tried some ketchup, I thought "yeah, right" but he ate it. He took about 10 bites before he refused any more. He hasn't taken 10 bites of anything in a long time. So I guess I will be packing a bottle of ketchup to his feeding therapy tomorrow!!

Today Caroline was doing her usual...talking.

Me: "hey Ya-ya what are you talking about?"
Caroline: "Mom, why do you call me ya-ya?"
Me: "because you ya-ya too much"
Caroline: "what is ya-ya?"
Me: "talking"
Caroline: "You ya-ya a lot too when you talk on the phone to Aunt Andrea!!"
Me: "mmmm, okay"

She got me! The Stinker!

Ps. I don't ya-ya too much!!! Andrea, you can back me up on this one right??


Anonymous said...

Do we really talk that much?? I was actually laughing out loud at this one. She is so funny!!! I don't think we talk too much. Tell her she can call and talk to me too if she needs to ya-ya to someone else sometime!!


Mama G said...

That cracks me up that he loves ketchup! Charlie actually dips everything in ketchup too, so heck, maybe it tastes good...ewww!!:)

My little ya-ya girl has been going non stop today, thank heavens for preschool!!