Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seperation Anxiety

I have jokingly referred to Will as my "tumor" before because he is always connected to me. But in all seriousness, I don't know what to do with this kid! He is attached to my hip 24/7 and when he is not, he is crying because I am not holding him. There is a small window during the day that he happily plays with his toys, but it seems like it is a VERY small window.

It is amazing what I can do with only one hand. I can do most household chores (clean the bathroom, vacuum the floors, etc), I can also cook, talk on the phone and assist Caroline with a project, all while holding Will. By the end of the day my body is hurting, my arms ache, my back is screaming. And all that praying and wishing that he would gain weight, well it is working because he is getting heavier too!!

When Josh gets home he always takes Will for a while and plays while I try to finish cooking dinner but the second that Will hears me talk or sees me he is crying, hugging my leg and reaching for me. Or when we are with friends and family and one wants to hold Will and love on him for awhile, Will will go to them but then looks back at me and cries.

I love that I make him feel safe and that I sooth him. And that he needs my hugs throughout the day. If it weren't for poor Mr. Cow I am not sure I would get the use of both hands at all during the day.

All phases last longer with Will than I can remember them lasting with Caroline, so I am wondering when "this too shall pass". But I definitely have a "Momma's Boy" on my hands.


Kelly said...

I know it is tough! Enjoy it. AnnaKate has NO seperation issues. When we got home after being gone 8days she was happy to see us but not at all overjoyed!! :) So there is a good and bad to it.

Tena said...

I'm sure that's hard. If you want to giggle about it, there's a shirt at Target that says "I'm a Mama's Boy". Caden has it. LOL!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

My body aches too at the end of the day. All though we have no separation anxiety yet, it does sound sweet to think that Alex could want me, reach up for me, and all that. Then again if my body aches just from carrying him around without the anxiety, maybe I dont want it????