Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Day

Today William had feeding therapy in StL. This was his second time and he did great, again. Caroline came along but she went to the siblings playroom that is at the hospital and had a great time. She was able to play and do crafts while Will and I were at his therapy session. I went and dropped her off and they gave me a pager so that if she needed me they could page me and I could go get her. She loved every minute of it. I was happy that she had a great time, makes me feel better about having to drag her along to all of the therapy appointments.
After therapy we went to the zoo (the zoo is right next door to the hospital!). We met up with Aunt Andrea, James and Ruthie and Andrea's Mom, Sandra. The kids had a great time. They got to see 5 baby tiger cubs, a baby zebra, a baby giraffe, a baby elephant and lots of other animals. Caroline's favorite part was the baby zebra and baby giraffe. James REALLY enjoyed the hippos, elephants and the train ride!!
James and Caroline checking out the giraffe. Caroline is pointing to the baby giraffe in the second picture, saying "Mommy take a picture of the BABY!!!"

Andrea, James and Caroline watching the hippo swim by. This was really cool to watch, such a huge animal gracefully swimming through the water. James LOVED it!

James on the train giving me a "CHEESE!!!"

One of the five baby tiger cubs, OMG they were so cute!
This is Caroline asking the zookeeper a very good question. This is some sort of legless lizard, I don't know, it gave me the total he-bee-gebbies so I couldn't look, Andrea took the picture. She asked why it's skin was so hard. The answer: because it digs underground and it's skin protects it. Caroline: how does it dig, it doesn't have hands? Answer: it uses it's nose to push the dirt out of the way. Smart girl, smart, smart girl! And she was not afraid to touch it, she touched it several times. This is also the child who completely spazzed out in the butterfly house because she was afraid that a butterfly would land on her. I have no idea!
Caroline and James dancing (shaking their groove thang) before the sea lion show.

The little otters: Ruthie, William, Caroline and James. This picture just makes me laugh because Sandra is holding Ruthie and I am holding William behind the board and we were both trying to get all of the kids to look in one direction, yeah right!
We were at the zoo all afternoon and got home just in time for Caroline to make it to dance class. Thanks Andrea, Sandra, James and Ruthie for going to the zoo with us and having a really fun day!


Anonymous said...

We all had a blast. Can't wait to do it again!!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! Let me know when you are going again. Maybe I can tag along!


Cindy said...

That's great that Caroline can play during therapy. Lukas loved playing with all the toys at the hospital while Natalie had therapy too...for a long time after she was done with therapy, he wanted to go back to play!

Kelly said...

What a fun day for everybody! Don't you love it when days like that work out so perfectly!

Kelly Weekes

Anonymous said...

We are going today! I can't wait! You got me excited to see all of the babies! :)