Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drinking from a straw

William had feeding therapy today. He did great! Here are some highlights...

He sat really still while she put on the stickers and the tape. He even lifted his chin so that she could put the stickers under his chin.

He also let her put stickers (electrodes) on each of his cheeks. This was the first time for this and his did great.

He drank from a sippy cup without letting the juice fall out of his mouth.

He drank from a straw!!

In total, he drank about a half of a cup of juice from a straw!

I could not be happier with today's results. I am very hopeful about this therapy! We are going to increase the frequency of his therapy. Every other week we will be going 3 times a week and the other weeks we will go 2 times. The hope is that the more therapy he gets, the faster we will see results and the better his feeding will be.


Mama G said...

That is AWESOME! Way to go Will!

Cindy said...

That's wonderful news. Natalie never had electrodes on her cheek, so I'm not familiar with that...but it would make sense that it would help him suck. Go Will!

Jacqui said...

Sound brilliant, and v intriguing. Good work Will.