Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More about the Amish...

Caroline got home last night from staying at Grammy and Papa Pillers house (Josh's Mom and Dad), my ears got a much needed rest! I dropped her off on Sunday when I went to Sparta for a bridal shower and Josh went down to Belleville to pick her up last night. Anyway, when she got home I asked her what she did and if she had fun. This is the conversation that we had, try to imagine a very excited 4 year old, pointing her little index finger.

Me: So what did you do a Grammy and Papa's?

Caroline: We went to the Amish!

Me: The Amish? What for?

Caroline: We went to just look at the cows.

Me: Look at cows?

Caroline: The Amish don't use their phones or turn on their lights, but they DO answer their doors! (pointing her index finger at me)

Me: They DO! That is awesome Girl!

She is so funny! They DO answer their doors! The child is enamored with the "Amish Way" thanks to the PBS Kids show Arthur. Isn't it funny how she thinks that they have phones and lights but they just don't use them? I think that I may have to tell her that they don't even have them, she may flip a lid!

So the story is that Papa (Jimmy) went to look at some cows that the Amish folks have for sale. He is going to buy a few for his pasture. Caroline wants us to take her back down to Sparta today so that she can go with Papa to pick up the cows! Sparta is about a hour from us, if only she knew about gas prices...

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Cindy said...

Ha Ha...I've never heard Lukas comment about the Amish on Arthur.

Tom and I call ourselves Amish because we don't have cable...