Saturday, June 28, 2008

My housekeeper

Josh is home (finally) from a week long work trip to Maryland. He is trying to help a Momma out by doing some house chores for me (whata guy). But he is totally cracking me up with his lack of cleaning sense.

He is trying to mop the kitchen floor.

First, he asked if we had a mop, mmmm, yep.

Then he asked what he should clean the floor with. I told him pinesol, but that I am all out.

He then asked if he could mop the floor with comet, mmmmm, nope.

I told him that he could use a little bit of bleach and water if he wanted.

Then he asked where the bucket was, above the washer. He went and got the bucket and found some Murphy's Oil Soap. He asked if he could use the Murphy's on our tile floor, mmmmm, don't think so.

Then he asked which one was the bleach, mmmmm, white bottle that says BLEACH!

Then he asked if the bleach would fade the trim mouldings, mmmmm, nope.

All of that said....

You just got to love a man with a mop in his hand! Thanks Honey!

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