Wednesday, June 4, 2008

INTRODUCING... (Drum Roll, please)


Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen??? He is the lastest addition to our family. He is a sheltie, just like Madi was. We went and picked him up yesterday and the kids could not be happier!

We didn't tell Caroline anything (we do this alot! Remember Disney?? It is all for my sanity really. I really couldn't handle answering the question "when are we going to go get the puppy Mom??" one hundred and fifty thousand times in a hour!) And when she saw the puppy her eyes were the size of half dollars! She kept saying "He is sooo cute!" Josh asked her if she wanted to take him home and that was it, she was in love!

Will is enjoying him too. When Buster gets close, William will pat him. It is really cute. Will is mostly enjoying the doggie bed right now. He climbs in it and sits with Buster, then climbs out and does it all over again.

The kids really enjoy getting into the doggie bed with Buster!

Caroline said this morning "Mom we are really going to need to take good care of Buster so that he doesn't run away to Heaven like Molly and Madi." Broke my heart. I hope that the Lord blessed us with a healthy puppy and Buster will be around for a good long while.

As I type this, Will has figured out that the doggie bed moves and is pushing the bed (with Buster in it) around the dining room like it is a walker. My word!

Ps. Will really does wear clothes!!! I promise!! It seems like the child never has clothes on when the photo opportunity arises!! He just got done eating lunch, which we usually have to take him out back and hose him down after!


Cindy said...

What a cute dog! I still don't have the courage to get a dog...enough bodies to take care of already.

Mama G said...

Yay a doggie! And a cute one too! I bet the kids are sooo excited, my kids have been begging me for one for quite a while now. Oh and don't worry I let Charlie run around in his diaper all the time, saves on laundry! :)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

We just got rid of our dog, she had NICU neglect and started to eat the house.
I wanted to call you yesterday, I almost did, but felt bad that it was short notice. We would have had enought time to hang out though. Adam was with me too, we would have made him the third wheel:)

We will be back July 15, and then the 21. But we need to get together before then, out of the hospital setting!