Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Week...

has been crazy! Josh has been in the UK since Sunday evening for work and I have been caring for the kids by myself. I am exhausted! Normally when Josh gets home from work he plays with the kids while I finish making dinner and then gives them a bath and gets them ready for bed. Whata guy, I tell ya! So since I have not been given that luxuary this week, I am feeling it! This morning it took everything that I had to get out of bed. I think that I could sleep all day!

I did get a break on Tuesday. I had my photography class so I had Christina come over and watch the kids, you remember Christina, right? Of course, before I left Will threw up all over the place. I was a nervous wreck leaving him but in true Angelic Christina fashion, she said "We are going to be fine, go!" And she was right. He didn't throw up again and all was well.

My house looks like a tornado hit it, I am not kidding. I have managed to get a few loads of laundry done, but they are still sitting on my chair. Oh well, I tried. By the time the kids go to bed, I am ready to fall into bed too. My hat is off to all of you single Moms out there. You are all amazing!

I am counting down the hours until my husband (my right hand man) gets home. He will be home sometime this evening, woohoo!

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